Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New movie “If I Were You”

Jimmy Lin returns to the big screen after 5 years and collaborates with Di Yao, Wu Ma, Eric Tsang in the new movie “If I Were You”.

“If I Were You” is the first Chinese romance comedy about mind-switching. Jimmy Lin and Di Yao play a couple who meet coincidentally and have a mind-switching experience after exposure to radioactive energy. The director Li Qi said this is a new attempt for Chinese movies. The story is a breakthrough.

Jimmy Lin said the unique story attracted him. It’s a new opportunity and challenge for this old-timer. I can never mind-switch in real life and become a woman. It’s a wonderful experience and a big challenge to my acting skills.

He said this is a new beginning for his return to the big screen. “I’ve been racing cars for so many years. Now I have my own baby. I want to bring my life experience to this role.”

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