Thursday, October 21, 2010

Girls Generation's comeback on October 29th

They may have dominated Korea and rocked Japan with their recent debut, but some fans in Taiwan were not too impressed with Girls Generation's latest appearance there.

According to a Taiwanese entertainment news channel, the popular girl group was speculated to have lip-sung during their second live concert in Taiwan on the 17-18th. The Taiwan Taipei Arena was jam-packed with 24,000 fans, demonstrating yet again how popular the nine-membered group is overseas.

The entertainment media source reported that although the music and members' voices continued to stream out of the speakers, when the cameras zoomed in on each of their faces, you could see that some of the girls weren't even bothering to lift up and sing into their mics.

The girls of Girls Generation don't have to worry too much though. It appears that they had fans that were more than understanding. Some expressed, "it's hard to sing and dance live" and "I doubt they were really lip-syncing!". Of course there were?a bunch that were on the more critical side, saying "what a waste of money" and "why go see them in concert when you can hear the exact same thing on their CDs".

As for domestic fans in Korea, they can look forward to the group's comeback on October 29th.

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