Saturday, October 02, 2010

KARA’s Korean version ‘BEST ALBUM’ released

KARA as Korean Girl Group Pride will confront with Japanese Girl Group

KARA will release second single ‘Jumping’ in Japan on 10 November. As opposed to the first single ‘Mister’ that was introduced last August, which was already released in Korea , ‘Jumping’ is a new song composed by Korean Staffs.

In addition, Kara’s second album release is on 10 November, which is just right where local artists (Japan) will also release their album on a large scale. On that day, Japanese popular artists including Arashi, Hirai Ken, Kajimi Yusuke will also release their albums.

Especially this day, Japan’s girl group representative will also confront with KARA. Japan Girl idol representative management Hello’s Berryz Kobo, which is also quite popular in Korea, as well as ‘Perfume’ which has confronted with KARA for awhile. AKB48 and Perfume are two groups that KARA is most concern about. Last August KARA has already confronted with Perfume when first single album was released. At that time, KARA was ranked at #5 on Oricon Chart while Perfume with 80,000 copies sales was up at #2 on Oricon Chart. However, KARA was able to catch up later on weekly chart. Moreover since KARA is gaining popularity in Japan and increased awareness, it seems like it is not that difficult for KARA to confront with them.

KARA (and their agency) are looking forward to have over 100,000 copies sales for second single and hoping to enter Oricon Chart Top 5 for the second consecutive time.

Meanwhile, KARA’s Korean version ‘BEST ALBUM’ is released on 29 September. This album is ranked at #2 on Oricon chart which show positive signs.

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