Thursday, September 30, 2010

New TV series "跑馬場"

One of TVB's rumored couples Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu will shoot director Tsui Siu Ming's new TV series <跑馬場>*, and the two can admit loving each other in the series. Set in the late Qing dynasty and early republic, Bosco plays someone from the Qing royal family and he develops a romantic relationship with Myolie. Besides the rumored couple, this series also stars Korean star Jang Na Ra. Tsui discloses they invested more than 20 million HKD in this project. The story is about the spy activities happened in Liao Dong race club in Qinghai.

Tsui hopes to build foundation for Hong Kong actors to work in Mainland, that's why he asks the rumored couple to be in his project. "They're popular actors in TVB and have many other work to do. They're high paid actors as well," Tsui admits.

As for playing a couple with Bosco again, Myolie expresses as an actor, she will play any suitable character and she hopes to expand her career in different markets, but will still see Hong Kong as the main one.

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