Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr. Sandman (Official MV)

Edison Chen makes a comeback on the stage for a performance after 2 years of absence. The night before, he attended the East Asia Rises Concert (東亞飛揚演唱會) in Shanghai. He won enthusiastic fans' support at the concert, where fans shouted his name and screamed nonstop. Edison expressed that he was surprised that he got support from so many people, he will continue to work hard on his jobs. He performed two new songs and duets with Sammi Cheng, god-father Anthony Wong and FAMA.

Got a 'lemon' (reject) from idol

He invited Sammi to duet his new song Mr. Sandman with him. At first, Sammi said that she felt the song is not her type, so she rejected, but then after discussing more about it, she finally accepted it. She also wanted to give some support to Edison who has not been on stage for a long time. Also, some of the Mr. Sandman lyrics are about girls get molested and touched by their boss at work, does this make Sammi not want to sing it? Edison said that the song gives a dream to people, about girls in this society have it difficult at work and also mentions his own pain and experiences. He hopes to pull in the distance. Edison felt that after going through such tough times in the last few years, people should have dreams in life. After Sammi understood the song, she agreed to sing it with him, making it a "dream come true" for Edison.

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