Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlene Choi's " Beauty Remains "

Starting in October, Neway has will join hands to work with Charlene Choi's music company EEG, under a new trademark CEO. They have specially chosen Charlene's song from her recently released album as the themesong for the advertisement campaign: "Unlimited posibilities, happen here in CEO." The director specially designed a character for Ah Sa to match with the advertisement. This time, Ah Sa personifies a fashionable model-esque career women who after a busy workday, returns to CEO with her coworkers to celebrate a perfect moment with a toast. In the advertisement, Ah Sa embodies the company's CEO and represents the company to carry out a contract-signing ceremony. After the completion of the contract, the coworkers celebrate with the CEO with a toast.

The filming day, in addition to setting up a gorgeous bar atmosphere for the "celebration toast" scene, the director even specially spent near 10 000 yuan to purchase several bottles of the famous champagne Moet & Chandon to serve as props, enhancing the CEO atmosphere. The scene was filmed at around noon and needing to drink the champagne on an empty stomach, unaccustomed to normally drinking, Ah Sa found it hard to hide her blushing cheeks. Despite drinking several glasses, the star of the advertisement campaign Ah Sa remained as professional as before. Each scene only required one take, making the entire filming process extremely smooth. In the advertisement, wearing a stylish simple evening dress, Ah Sa elegantly appears and says the campaign slogan to tie the knot: "This space, welcomes unlimited possibilites ... CEO," showing Ah Sa's graceful and relaxed said, alongside the reflection of CEO's top grade trademark.

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