Thursday, October 28, 2010

Perfect Wedding held a celebration

The day before, Raymond Lam and Miriam Yeung's film Perfect Wedding held a celebration. Slightly drunk, the film's executive producer Lawrence Wong asked the media to help the new upcoming film I Love Hong Kong come up with another title because the film title is too authentic and not suitable for foreign markets. He also reveals that the director for the film, Eric Tsang called him a few days ago and told him that he's resigning from the film because his boss (Mona Fong) didn't like the village theme, the script isn't funny enough and isn't attractive enough.

He said: "Boss said the theme of the film is not attractive enough, at least it didn't attract her. Eric and I insisted that we shoot it, we might just start shooting it anyway. Eric felt that if the movie does well, then we'll be shaving the boss's eyebrows, but if it doesn't do well then it's shameful to us." Lawrence felt that a lot can happen in the village, there is a sense of attraction, so he wrote an email to Eric telling him that everything is confirmed already and the release date had already been scheduled, if they don't shoot it, they will lose a lot. In the end, both sides came to an agreement and Eric decided to continue as planned.

Lawrence also exposed that he already failed once, asked if it was on The Jade and the Pearl? He admitted and said the script was fine, but he did not indicate if the film was going to shoot or not because at the time there was a third person (EEG) who was investing in the film too, EEG said to shoot it, he respected their decision. Lawrence said: "I am not saying Ng Yue (EEG executive) idea was a failure. It's we underestimated Raymond Lam's firm standing in the film scene. But, Raymond did very well in Perfect Wedding."

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