Thursday, October 28, 2010

TVB's new series King Among The Phoenix

The night before, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu and Viven Yeo attended TVB's new series King Among The Phoenix finished filming dinner. Jessica expressed that the series hasn't officially wrapped up its filming yet because there's still a fire-burning-house scene that they need to shoot. Regarding S.H.E's Selina encountered an accident during filming of a fire explosion scene, Jessica expressed: "When we heard the word fire, we were especially worried, have to be careful. Before when I was filming a series, there was a glass breaking scene, that time I used a stunts double to help me do it, the martial artist got burnt and was sent to the hospital." She also claimed that she's a brave artist, her wish is to go parachuting. Jessica then exposed that her old partner Bobby Au Yeung is afraid of heights: "Before when Bobby and I were filming a glass breaking scene because he was afraid of heights, he couldn't do it."

After this series completes, Myolie will only have a few days to rest before flying over to Chengdu next month with rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong to start a new Mainland series. Bosco expressed earlier that he won't help her bring a winter coat, she said: "I'll bring it myself! (Having Bosco by yourself is already warm enough?) No! But, I have to bring a lot of facial masks, I can share some with him (Bosco)."

As for Vivien Yeo, when her boyfriend heard about Selina's accident and that she had to shoot a fire scene, he was so worried about her safety, he told her not to another series again.

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