Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taiwanese program Super King

The day before, Andy Lau appeared on Taiwanese program Super King (綜藝大國民), the production crew found the same motorcycle that appeared in Andy's 1990 film[/i] A Moment of Romance (天若有情), [/i]giving him a chance to reenact the classic scene. However, the female lead Jacqueline Wu turned into the host Frankie Huang, even Andy couldn't hold in his laughter: "You all want to place this classic on the corner of your eyes?" Andy turned around and saw Frankie hugging him from behind, he instantly let out a drunken expression, gave him a punch, and staged a runaway wedding!

Andy recalls the classic and touching scene of when he was riding the motorcycle while nose bleeding in A Moment of Romance. The man-made blood paste was clogging the inside of his nose because the blood paste was too strong, it was difficult to remove it all.

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