Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"The Voice" make Mag Lam to be popular

"Little star" Mag Lam became popular from "The Voice". She will soon have opportunities to work with film king Tony Leung Ka Fai in Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong and also with TVB's comedic kings, the three "fuk luk sau".

Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong will start shooting next week, the cast includes Film King Tony Leung, Eric Tsang, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen and newcomer Mag Lam. Producer Eric Tsang expressed that this film is to bring happiness for the people of Hong Kong after the tragic Filipino tour bus incident.

Wong Cho Lam will finally be able to be a "man" again and won't have to pretend to be a girl anymore. As the three "Fuk Luk Sau" will be holding a concert in December and participate in the Lunar New Year film, they are very busy and they are also the popular pick for Best Group Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards. About casting Mag Lam for I Love Hong Kong, TVB Executive Virgina Lok admits that they are in the mist of consideration.

On the TV scene, it was said that Mag is casted for TVB new series ICAC Turbulence (廉政風雲) scheduled to start next month. She will be playing a ICAC investigator. As for singing, she has not produced an album yet, but is already appearing in big public events continuously, gaining stage experience, also an advantage to her singing career.

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