Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Filmko's new 3D film <大鬧天宮>

Filmko's new 3D film <大鬧天宮> finally started filming in Beijing recently. The cast for this film is always keep as top secret and had only revealed Donnie Yen is playing Monkey King. Now as the film started filming, more actors are confirmed to make an appearance, including A-list star Chow Yun Fat.

Everyone knows it's hard to ask Chow to star in a film. It's known Filmko spent 9 months to negotiate. Fortunately, Chow looks highly on 3D films, plus he wants to collaborate with Donnie, he finally decided to act. He will play the Jade Emperor in the film.

Heavenly king Aaron Kwok to play Buffalo Demon King, who starts a war with heaven in order to bring his beloved wife Princess Iron Fan (play by Taiwanese idol drama queen Joe Chen Qiao En) and child Red Boy to heaven. Taiwanese idol Peter Ho will play Erlang Shen.

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