Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young Saeng release a solo album next year

Remaining SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng have signed with a new company, B2M Entertainment. The two members are good friends with Lee Hyori, a fellow entertainer in the company.

B2M has announced a tentative plan for Young Saeng to release a solo album next year and for Kyu Jong to focus acting and drama activtities. B2M will hold a meeting with fanclub administrators in mid-October to discuss future activitiy plans for both members, and to develop a friendlier relationship between the fans and entertainment company.

SS501 members are currently split into four companies. Kim Hyun Joong is signed with Keyeast and currently acting in drama "Playful Kiss." Kim Hyung Joon is now under S-Plus Entertainment. He has ventured into the musical field and will perform in the musical "Cafe In" in November. Park Jung Min will release his solo album in November under CNR Media, and will also partake in acting.

Despite their diverging career paths, the members have stressed "consent to put SS501 activities as top priority." A B2M representative also ensured that Kyu Jong and Young Saeng support SS501 activities, and revealed that the other three members mentioned a new SS501 album "would not be too far-off."

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