Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New series "King of Thousand Phoenixes"

There are many rumors about Jessica Hsuan and Myolie Wu don't get along during shooting new series "King of Thousand Phoenixes" (direct translation). But this time when reporters paid a visit to the set, the two actresses were very friendly to each other. Before official shooting, they would discuss about their hair accessories, scripts, and make up. When they were shooting a quarrel scene, they finished the scene with one take, only spending 40 minutes [including shots at different angle etc, not only one angle]. After shooting, they went to enjoy dinner at canteen and kept talking about cats and dogs. There's definitely no signs of them having grudge against each other.

As for these negative rumors, Jessica told reporters: "In the past, 2% of some rumors are true, but this time is 100% false. In fact we get along very well. Plus we are inexperienced in shooting this type of drama [Qing dynasty]. I'm like a newcomer, always have to ask opinions from director, Sunny Chan, and others, afraid I can't do well." Myolie added: "I have zero confidence, because it's different from shooting modern series, which is natural and comfortable. Jessica and I always ask each other is it OK? We give confidence to each other. Rumors of us not getting along? Maybe we don't have romance rumors. It's either not getting along or loving partner in the series!" Jessica has boyfriend Ruan, and Myolie has stable rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong, it's hard to believe new romance rumors about them!

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