Saturday, November 06, 2010

43rd Annual TVB Anniversary Awards

The 43rd Annual TVB Anniversary Awards will be coming up soon and the battle for Best Actress is growing fiercer. Winning the Best Actress Award last year for her performance in Rosy Business <巾帼枭雄>, Sheren Tang Shui Man is once again the hot favorite to win this year’s award due to her outstanding performance in No Regrets <巾帼枭雄之义海豪情>. Sheren’s only competitor this year may be Charmaine Sheh Si Man.

However, Charmaine may have retreated from the race for Best Actress since announcing that she will be unable to attend the TVB Anniversary Award ceremony due to filming requirements in China . Earning a $4 million (Yuan) fee for her recent empress role in mainland series, New Princess Pearl <新还珠格格>, Sheren announced that she will “show up only if she wins an award.” Apparently, Sheren may want both the Best Actress Award and her money!

Flying back to Hong Kong for a ribbon cutting ceremony, Sheren responded to rumors that she was earning $4 million for her role in New Princess Pearl. She said, “One minute, the tabloids say that I have no acting jobs lined up! Another minute, they say that I earned $4 million! Just don’t make the tax department investigate my tax filing!”

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