Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Asian Games Torchbearer Relay Event

Recently at the Asian Games Torchbearer Relay Event, apart from seeing famous Olympics and World Champion athletes, a group of artists were in attendance, including Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Zhang Ziyi, Charlene Choi and Hins Cheung, all bound to bring cheers and energy to the scene.

After the torch-passing relay, reporters continuously followed Ah Sa Charlene Choi back to the VIP lounge. Originally, Ah Sa had thought she would be very tired after running the relay, but taking a group photo with staff members and signing autographs, Ah Sa still had a smile from ear to ear. When Ah Sa was asked by reporters how it felt in the moment, she laughed heartily and replied: "It felt very honorable and glorious. This was my first torch relay, after the relay I felt, wow! How come the route was so short? It's as if it ended as soon as it started." Even so, the day of the torchbearer relay, Ah Sa's relay portion was the longest distance amongst all the torchbearers participants that day.

In the lounge, energetic and exuberant Ah Sa asked for help to take a photo with her iPhone to update her Weibo microblog. On her Weibo microblog, she praised that she'll "never forget" this relay. She wrote: "I'm done running .. did you guys see me? Very exciting! But the path was too short .. but for my entire life I'll remember this honorable and glorious moment! Thank you to all friends who came to encourage us!" Soon after, she updated her blog again to forward a TV news report video of her torch relay, saying: "If one day in the future I have a child .. I will definitely give him this video to watch .. let him know that back in the day his mom also had a mighty moment! Hahahaha!" Finally, Ah Sa even wished to be able to set aside time to watch the Asian Games and cheer for China.

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