Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey

Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan and the rest of the cast to TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey attended a promotional event in Olympian City. However, the other lead actor Felix Wong was absent. Michael was very popular among the housewives fans at the promotion. When speaking of Elena Kong expressing that his wife Jamie Chik deleted the scene of her kiss with Michael because she was jealous, Michael laughed and said that his wife was not jealous, and did not cut the scene because of that. Speaking of Felix Wong saying that Michael has hope for TV King? He happily said that he has confidence, and expressed that he supports himself. As for Wayne Lai having lots of noise for TV King? He said: "Wayne is really popular, but I feel that his Lau Sing role is not a breakthrough like Chai Gau."

As for his daughter Miu Tung's bikini was published on a magazine, Michael said that he does not mind his daughter wearing a bikini to take pictures: "If don't wear bikinis at 18 or 19, then should wear when she gets old? She looks pretty in a bikini." Felix's daughter was also secretly photographed by the media? He said: "but his daughter wasn't wearing a bikini! My daughter is a person outside of the industry, you all can mess with me, don't bother her."

Jessica Hsuan got a new haircut, and she expressed that her boyfriend likes her feminine long haircut the most. Has her boyfriend watched Gun Metal Grey to support her? She said: "It's the first time my boyfriend had intention to catch my series, and needs me by his side to explain." She expressed that her kiss scene with Michael will be broadcast soon, she joked and said she's gonna try her best to distract her boyfriend, don't let him watch it. As to the TV King and Queen battle, she supports Wayne and Sheren and doesn't support her partner Michael: "No Regrets is one of the rare series I can catch, they performed very well."

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