Friday, November 12, 2010

Best Smile of the Year 2010

Actress Matsushita Nao (25) and actor Sasaki Kuranosuke (42) attended an awards ceremony in Tokyo on the 8th to accept their awards for the 'Best Smile of the Year 2010'. Every year the Japan Dental Association honours prominent figures who exhibit the best smile year round. The award coincides with the 'Ii Ha no Hi' (Good Teeth Day), which falls on November 8. The date is synonymous with the numbers eleven and eight, which sounds like 'i' and 'ha' respectively.

Fresh from her popularity with the NHK asadora 'Gegege no Nyobo' and also the host of this year's Kohaku Uta Gassen, Matsushita promises to keep her smile on for New Years Eve, saying she would like to continue smiling for everyone till the very end. Sasaki complimented Matsushita on her smile, saying it shows off her composure and gives a maternalistic feeling. He also says that her smile is very mesmerizing, and it would be "hard to look at her directly."

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