Friday, November 12, 2010

Merry Go Around (東風破)

In the movie, Merry Go Around (東風破) Ella Koon plays a female druggie and later gets an incurable disease. Ella didn't deliberately lose weight to portray this drug addict and cancer patient because at the time she wanted to be more than thin than now. She's just sacrificing for acting, didn't use any cosmetic powder, but appears in her true self. She said: "I don't feel that it's a sacrifice, the director asked me to play this role, I felt that it was pretty fun, lots of room to develop and is challenging. This is a rare opportunity, basically I have never thought about the topic of appearing as my true self."

After accepting the role, Ella started worrying about controlling the role. She has watched a lot of movies relating to drug addicts and people with cancer. "When it was time to shoot, I had to grasp it for some time before I could master it well, fortunately I encountered experienced seniors Teddy Robin and Nora Miao that brought me into character."

Asked if she had been pressured into doing drugs while she was studying overseas? She said: "Yes, but I didn't get affected. My parents had never told me about the damage drugs can do to you, but I already knew since I was young that drugs are bad for you, it does harm to yourself and others. Drugs is not a responsible action, if they make fun of me saying that I'm a coward, then don't be my friend, I will not give drugs a try." She expressed that she once broke off the relations with a friend who wouldn't give up on drugs.

After completing Merry Go Around, a new insight on life was born for Ella, that death can happen at any time. This makes her cherish all the people around her and everything that she has, don't let it be difficult on herself. "Have to live in the present, be happy every day and at the same time actively face work. I haven't seen enough of the world yet, there are so many things I haven't done yet, I don't want to have any regret when I leave this world.

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