Thursday, November 25, 2010

Drama “Mei Le – Jia You” coming soon

Currently filming drama “Mei Le – Jia You” the artist “Xiao Mei” Mike He said he wouldn’t exclude an older sister younger brother relationship, it’s acceptable with a difference of 6-7 years, but it’s a difference of 10 years; then there’s no solution. He said: “Even I can’t go over this step.”

Mike He’s relationships have always been very mysterious, recently during one of the interviews in China, he said it’s not because there’s no time for a relationship, it’s actually when you have the heart to start a relationship, and you have to have the time. But he said: “Since entering the industry for 5-6 years, he really wants to know what type of person he likes, but it gets harder to find that person.”

Xiao Mei says, appearance is not the most important, but actually if the personality fits together, also both most have time. He once collaborated with Big S and Andy Lau in the film “Future Cop”, with regards to Big S and Chinese restaurateur Wang Xiao Fei’s older sister younger brother love has blossomed happily, Xiao Mei said “I wouldn’t exclude from an older sister younger brother relationship, with a difference of 6-7 years it’s acceptable, but if it’s 10 years, then that’s not possible, I can’t cross the next level.”

Xiao Mei is currently filming “Mei Le – Jia You” in Hangzhou, in the drama he portrays a modern pop music king that composes and produces, in one scene of a talent show, he plays a tough tongued judge.

Xiao Mei said, from what he recalls the most memorable poisonous tongued judge in Taiwan are the Bao brothers Anthony & Xiao Bo.

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