Thursday, November 25, 2010

New series "抉宅男女" release soon

The TVB actress is currently filming new series <抉宅男女> and she plays the wife of Michael Miu. It has only been two months and already rumored the actress is flirting with Miu. The two hold hands during and outside of filming, causing Miu's wife Jaime Chik to check on them at the filming set.

As for rumored with male leads again, Kwok did not even want to clear it up: "It's too fake. I don't want to promote for the magazine."

Later the day, the 35 year old vented out her anger on Weibo: "As for the recent magazine story, I have nothing to say."

Her newest rumored partner Miu replied to Kwok's message: "A Team from 'Gun Metal Grey' needs to come out and solve this case. Have to bring the forensics people to the company to search evidence...haha! Just treat it as free promotion. Don't affect your mood. You know, I know, even my wife knows, just for a laugh."

Miu later expressed in a phone interview that his wife is not mad at all: "But we are worried about Sonija. We play a couple in the series. She told me she is quite stressed about working with me because there are always negative news when she worked with other male actors in the past, so she isn't dared to come near me during break. But I told her to just relax."

Miu's wife also supports Kwok: "I've known her for more than 10 years. She endorsed for our eye-glasses store when she just made her debut to the showbiz. It's bad how she is quiet and nice, but other people still write negative things about her."

Miu's wife also exposed her husband likes to hold hands with others: "He would even do that with hairstylists. I hold hands with other actors during filming, so he should be angry at me, too?"

Kwok always have rumors with actors she works with. Notably with Michael Tao, which was rumored to have caused Tao's marriage to fall apart.

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