Thursday, November 04, 2010

Final shoe fashion show

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended the final shoe fashion show as a model and did a catwalk along with Marie Zhuge, Carrie Lam, Jacqueline Chong and Irene Wong. When asked if she received an even more satisfying fee for attending the final show? She said: "I am old, me catwalking isn't as beautiful as the other girls!" Just completed Colorful World of Sister Fa, Charmaine reveals that she's taking advantage of these 10 days that she doesn't need to be filming series to earn some extra income. She said: "For TVB anniversary I probably can't make it back. (Then what about winning awards?) TVB will arrange it. (TV Queen is a battle between you and Miss Nine [Sheren Tang], do you have more confidence?) It's not important if I have confidence or not, it is more important that audience likes watching the series or not. Last time, Can't Buy Me Love got good ratings and praises, I'm already satisfied with these results." Charmaine said that her income this year has already surpassed last year, lots of bonuses, as for awards, just leave it to fate.

Charmaine also claimed that she's a super crazy shoe fan, and that she has more than 200 pairs of shoes at home. She said that for some reason she's willing to spend money on shoes the most. Charmaine laughs and says once she starts buying, it's like she's curse. One time she spent more than HK$20,000 on buying a pair of shoes.

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