Thursday, November 04, 2010

New idol series “Rainbow Sweetheart”

The leads for producer Chai Zhi Ping’s new idol series “Rainbow Sweetheart” (the remake of My Girl) are Jimmy Lin and Cherrie Ying. They first met at costume fitting a few days ago. Cherrie told Jimmy that she has watched him on TV singing and dancing since she was a little girl. That made him smile embarrassingly.

Cherrie is planning her belated wedding banquet and seeing that Jimmy is so content with a son she wants to start a family soon. After they finished the photo shoot she told him, "You face is smaller than mine. I have to lose a few pounds."

Cherrie adored Jimmy when she was a kid and now has a chance to work with him. She laughed and said, “Never thought that we would collaborate on an idol series when we are both married. It feels wonderful.”

Because of Selina’s injury on the set Cherrie’s mother warns her not to be in hazardous scenes. The production also bought insurance for them. This is the first time Cherrie works with the director Lin He Long. Her father has heard of the director’s bad temper and warned her to behave herself.

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