Monday, November 08, 2010

Four Station Music Awards

The "Four Station Music Awards" announced its suspension for a year yesterday, shattering Joey Yung's dreams of getting the "Media Award" for the 4th time. Chances of winning "Album Big Award" for singers such as Leo Ku and RubberBand, popular picks for "Song Big Award" Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung, and "Outstanding Performance Award" G.E.M, Raymond Lam and Sherman Chung all vanishes. EEG and East Asia both express that they will not be participating in the "Four Station Awards" anymore.

Last night, Joey attended TVB's program Stars Shine Jiangmen (群星閃耀江門情) and responded to the news calmly, she said: "Don't know how to look at it, don't understand. Strategic decisions, let my company decide, I am not unhappy. (EEG didn't discuss with you?) No, it's not just me who was affected. The awards ceremonies and the media award are encouragement to singers, every one wants to give an award to their favorite singer. I am just doing my job, don't want to be linked to so many things."

Gillian Chung also supports: "Let our company decide, I don't feel that it's a pity, Joey's great effort can be seen in anyone's eyes, just there won't be a media award. Every singer is hard working, the awards does not represent all."

TVB executive (Ho Lai Chuen) the suspension is useless: "Then there's no meaning, no enough credibility. In the past there are record companies who have different reasons to not attend the award ceremonies. This time, the decision is too careless, coming to such conclusion, I feel that it's a pity. It is unfair to those hard working singers." Asked how the relationship is between TVB and the Big 4 record companies? He said: "Both sides has gave in, 60% of it was solved, Hacken Lee also wants to get it resolved as soon as possible. (Will appearances on ATV or iCable be held accountable on the singers under Big 4?) There is no regulation to shut out people nor do anyone have the power to do so."

Universal Music singer Kay Tse responded to the news as well, she expressed: "The award is presented by the media, singers have a passive position. (Is it fair to Universal Music?) Not looked at independently, I personally don't have any feelings. If there is an award, it is encouragement." East Asia singer Miriam Yeung said: "Of course we have to respect our company's decision, it is an inevitable reason." Asked if she will be attended the Four Station Music Award Ceremony? Miriam said: "Try my best, I don't dare to say so." She also said that she's currently busy organizing her wedding reception and taking wedding photos.

The Broadcast Director (TV) Cheung Man Sun felt that in the current environment, there cannot be only one station in power. He said: "The different between foreign investment and local record company causes some artists to not be able to go on TVB. We all have our own mechanism, RTHK supports fair announcement of the award ceremony."

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