Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tsugumi first DVD is titled "Joyuu Tsugumi"

It was recently revealed that actress Tsugumi (34) has decided to debut as an AV actress. Her first DVD is titled "Joyuu Tsugumi" will be released under the label MUTEKI on December 1.

Tsugumi has appeared in many movies - including "Exte," "Freesia," and "Noriko no Shokutaku" - and has even won multiple awards for her performances. In 2007, she left her agency and took a break from show business, taking up a regular job. But a couple months ago, she opened up a new official blog and a Twitter account.

On November 2, Tsugumi wrote an entry in her blog. Although it did not explicitly mention that she was entering AV, she acknowledged that the fans who have supported her and the people she has previously worked with would be surprised at the news. Tsugumi also explained that the decision was her own, and she asked for her fans' support. Meanwhile, MUTEKI updated its own website, adding her DVD to its release schedule and featuring it on the front page.

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