Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gigi Leung ongoing concert on Christmas Eve

Hong Kong singer-actress Gigi Leung has announced she will hold a concert at the Beijing Workers' Gymnasium on Christmas Eve, which will be her first live concert in the capital city.

The 34-year-old began her singing career 15 years ago with her debut album, "Love Myself". Until now, she has released over 30 albums. During an interview with web portal,, Leung explained why she didn't give a concert in Beijing beforehand, "I released about a dozen Mandarin albums, which I think is enough for opening a concert in Beijing, so when the organizer talked with me about the concert, I agreed."

As for the details, Leung refused to reveal more, but said the guest singer will be an actor who collaborated with her in a movie. Since 1995, Leung starred in more than 20 movies along with acting veterans Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Andy Lau, Daniel Chan and Jet Li.

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