Tuesday, November 16, 2010

G.Na's new song "Together Forever (Say You Love Me)"

G.Na's new song "Together Forever (Say You Love Me)" is hit with plagiarism accusations.

Recently, on an internet site, an anonymous netizen pointed out a question that G.Na's new song is similar to Keyshia Cole's "Falling Out".

Netizens who read this afterwards listened to Keyshia Cole's song and did say that there were similarities on the songs after comparing each one. A netizen commented, "It does have the similar sound and atmosphere, especially the part of the chorus where the song sounds the same".

Especially this part of the song "‘How did we end up here this way what are we gonna do Boy’, ‘I need you to meet me half way if you want me to be with you’ " from Keyshia Coles song it sounded similar to G.Na's "Say you love me".

Although another netizen spoke out, "There's a part of the song were the melody sounds similar, this is a well known song so I think this case of plagiarism is difficult."

Meanwhile, the digital single with 4minute Hyuna has been garnering attention due to the two singer's collaboration.

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