Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gillian Chung new solo EP

Gillian Chung will launch her new solo EP tommorrow. After being in the industry for 10 years, record companies and Gillian thought it was time to try to have a different style of songs, thus opening up another milestone. Her new EP is entitled , meaning Gillian has a good mind to rectify in the best state and to start again.

Gillian has been busy in the recent months filming in Mainland. Although she was very busy, she did not forget about the fans. She returned to Hong Kong to record new songs and even had an album cover photo shoot. While shooting the cover, her hair stylist gave her a long wet hair that created a brand new feeling. They created a new look, which seems like the feeling after a bath; The costume consists of only gray and white which is kind of plain, but the highlights is that the most natural beauty is inside. The theme of the EP is simplicity and it represents the real Gillian.

While shooting, Gillian drank ginger tea to keep warm. When Gillian finished shooting, she got up only to find her hair accidently hooked onto the edge of the chair and she made a joke making the whole audience laugh. Gillian's new album cover is full of women scent.

In Gillian's new EP , it consists of five new songs of different styles. The title song is Gillian's first attempt in singing a rock styled song. The song reflects her personal experiences and at the end it symbolizes her strong and free easy way out of the shadows to carry out a more colorful life. The other four songs include the fun light song , the lovelorn ballad , the adapted song , and the movie theme song, a duet with Alex Fong .

Gillian will be having an EP press conference this Saturday. Brothers and sisters from EEG will come and support which include Kenny Kwan, Steven Cheung, Ken Hung, and Michelle Sze Nga.

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