Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jay Chou's grandma birthday

Jay Chou's 87 year old grandma has done her first commercial for public welfare. She filmed a commercial about quitting smoking, and grandma proudly said: "Jay doesn't smoke, none of the boys in our family smoke. I hope youngsters don't smoke either." Jay Chou said: "Don't smoke, be yourself, I'm backing you." Grandma also couldn't help but add: "Grandma's backing you too."

Jay Chou's grandma has a vibrant personality. Besides once appearing in Jay Chou's MVs for "Maternal Grandmother" and "Rosemary", she has also danced ballroom dancing with Jay Chou at his concert; facing the camera, grandma is all smiles.

Jay Chou said with conviction in the commercial: "Have confidence, you don't need to smoke; want to look cool, you don't need to smoke; give yourself applause for not smoking, don't smoke, be yourself, I'm backing you." Jay Chou expressed he's a person who likes to keep up appearances, but when it's time to decline he won't be afraid to decline. He encouraged youngsters to have courage to turn down the temptation to smoke from friends.

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