Friday, November 12, 2010

Nancy Wu sexy pole dancing in "D.I.E Again" and "Gun Metal Grey"

After sexy pole dancing in "D.I.E Again," Nancy Wu shows off her sexiness again in current TVB series "Gun Metal Grey." The actress has to be an undercover for one case. In order to capture the perverted photographer/rapist Stephen Huynh, she dresses up in sexy SM looking outfits and poses attractive poses for him.

Although she is closed with Stephen in real life, but Nancy still feels nervous during official filming. "I danced with Stephen before and we had body contact. I trust him, so I am not afraid," she said, "But I feel embarrassed doing it in front of other people in the studio. In fact it's not just posing sexy poses, but the concept is bold. I had to drink some alcohol to relax before filming."

Stephen is definitely lucky to be in the scene. Asked whether he felt tempting during filming, he said: "She is pretty, of course she is attractive. She told me to just do it. But I treated it as a job, I didn't think of anything else."

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