Friday, November 12, 2010

SNSD new album "Hoot"

SNSD has achieved 2 Gold consecutively according to Oricon Singles chart in Japan surpassing 100,000 album sales.

On the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart released on the 9th of November, they showed that SNSD's 2nd Japanese Single "Gee" has had over 13,320 record sales and after three weeks of it's release it has a total sales of 102,881. This is their 2nd gold after they surpassed 100,000 mark with their 1st Japanese single "Genie".

After their popular single "Genie" their 2nd single "Gee" is gaining more popularity faster than their 1st single, "Genie" had over 100,000 sales after 8 weeks when it was released while "Gee" only took 3 weeks to surpass 100,000 sales mark making a huge break through in the Japanese Industry.

Meanwhile, SNSD is promoting their new album in South Korea with "Hoot" which is sweeping various music charts.

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