Friday, November 12, 2010


The promotional push for popular Korean girl group KARA continues with the news that they will be the stars of their own television drama, scheduled to begin airing on TV Tokyo and its affiliates on January 14 (Fridays 12:12am). Titled "URAKARA," the show will feature the members of KARA as themselves, taking on a series of missions related to love.

The premise of the show has KARA working for an underworld service as for-hires, but instead of killing their targets, their missions require them to make those men fall in love with them. Each week, a mysterious boss will give them their new target - from powerful politicians to kabuki actors to ordinary salarymen - and they will use any technique they can to accomplish their goal. But due to their inexperience with love, various problems come up during their missions.

Producer Kaori Hashimoto said, "There's no doubt that you'll be able to see another face of KARA that has never been seen before." The show will freely blend reality and fiction, with the members using their own names to give it a greater feeling of authenticity.

KARA made their Japanese debut in August with the song "Mister," which received a lot of attention for its famous "butt dance." Their second single "Jumping" is being released this week, and their first original Japanese album "Girl's Talk" will quickly follow on November 24.

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