Thursday, November 04, 2010

TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey

TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey premiere last night. This is Felix Wong and Michael Miu's first collaboration after 25 years and is Felix's comeback series after several years of absense from TVB series. For these reasons, the series is naturally going to draw attention, the first episode was broadcast last night receiving 30 points in ratings, approximately 1.91 million viewers.

Felix filming TVB series again is because he gets to collaborate with Michael again. Though he is not worried about the ratings, but yesterday after learning of the ratings, he immediately went on Weibo to spread the good news. Felix said: "My mullet performance, TV ratings allow me to put down the big rock, I feel even more excited than winning the lottery. He needs to prostate on the ground to thank everyone for the support."

Felix's acting was praised by viewers, however, a Netizen felt that Felix's role as Stone Sek Tung Sing life experiences resemble the male lead from American series Life. The similarities lead to suspicions of plagiarism. In Gun Metal Grey, Stone Sir was charged unjustly and spent 15 years in prison. Then he had an opportunity to re-open the case with emerge of new evidence, and won his freedom. After his release from prison, he returned to the police force and is determined to investigate who the real murderer for his case 15 years ago. This storyline is very similar to the investigator from Life, the main lead Crews spent 12 years in prison for an unjust charge, but was eventually released, returned to the police force and catch up with the time he missed all those years. Stone Sir and Crews roles are very similar. Netizens pointed out that both Stone Sir and Crews' wife left with another man. Despite the plagiarism suspicions, there are also many Netizens who greatly support Gun, they felt that it's only the theme that is similar, the most important is the story development and the case is different.

Also, stepping into the third week, the other anniversary series No Regrets received 33 points, peaking at 35 points for episode 11's broadcast last night.

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