Thursday, November 04, 2010

TVB Weekly's "2010 Most Popular Ad"

Moses Chan and Miriam Yeung are the King and Queen for TVB Weekly's "2010 Most Popular Ad". Yesterday the two attended the award ceremony and expressed that they didn't count how many ads they shot this year, nor do they know how much they earned. Are they worried about the government going after them on taxes? Both denied, Miriam felt that as a citizen, paying taxes is a must and every year when she has to pay taxes she feels pain, but thinking positively, the more you earn the more you pay. Moses Chan explained that because he doesn't deal with the finances. Asked if he has rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu to handle his finances? He blushed and did not respond.

Moses admits that this year it has been a prosperous year for him. In the earlier months, he has been shooting ads and doing promotions nonstop. He is just as happy becoming the Ad King this time as TV King. He said: "Ad King is fortune, TV king is fame. Now that I got one of them, I hope to have both fame and fortune!" Based on his tone, looks like he really wants to be this year's TV King? He admitted that he does hope to, but will still carry a normal heart at the anniversary award ceremony. He felt that Wayne Lai from No Regrets is his greatest opponent: "I have to watch No Regrets and see how it is. I also hope to support them, it's really good, so it's quite a big pressure."

Ad Queen Miriam Yeung expressed that she is grateful of the love advertisers have for her. She didn't count how many ads she done this year, but after marriage she has been offered a lot more household product brands asking her to shoot ads for them. Does she hope to get ad offers from baby formula and diapers? She said: "I hope so, but not the time to make babies." She refuses to shoot an ad with her husband Real Ting, but what she really wants most is shoot housing ads. She said: "It's the best fees we get and give us houses." After marriage, Miriam's jobs have remained the same

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