Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Pink Spider" will be performed at The Globe Tokyo

Actress Nao Minamisawa (20) will perform in her first stage musical next year. Titled "Pink Spider," the rock-flavored production will only feature music by X JAPAN's late guitarist hide.

The musical is named after hide's single of the same name, originally released in 1998. While hide was alive, he had said that he wanted to work on a musical, and those feelings have finally been brought to fruition. In this original story, Minamisawa plays a high school student named Meru who matures as she deals with the differences between her ideal world and reality.

Minamisawa has participated in a local chorus club since 1st grade up until April of this year (singing as a mezzo-soprano), though it never involved rock music. Minamisawa reportedly turned down the role once, but the production team insisted that they needed her due to her acting ability. However, the part of Meru has been double-cast, so she will be sharing it with singer Hitomi Takahashi (21).

The other main role, a record shop employee, has been double-cast between Shinji Takeda (37) and Gota Watabe (24). LUNA SEA bassist J (40) will also make a guest appearance.

Aprroximately 20 of hide's songs will be used in the musical, including the titular "Pink Spider" and "ROCKET DIVE." Minamisawa will sing and dance to 5 or 6 of those songs, and she has already begun voice and muscle training for the part.

"Pink Spider" will be performed at The Globe Tokyo between March 8 and March 27.

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