Thursday, November 25, 2010

Upcoming movie "Byakuyakou"

The upcoming movie "Byakuyakou" will have its theme song provided by a mystery singer known as Tamaki. In addition, it has been learned that Tamaki will release her debut album on January 26 through the record label TOY'S FACTORY.

Although her identity is unknown, Tamaki already has one song available as a digital release. That song, "Hikari no Achira e," is being used as the theme song for the drama series "Genya," also an adaptation of a Keigo Higashino novel. The series, which stars Kyoko Fukada, premieres on WOWOW on November 21.

For "Byakuyakou," Tamaki is singing a song called "Yasoukyoku." TOY'S FACTORY has made the full song available for listening on the company's official YouTube channel.

Both "Hikari no Achira e" and "Yasoukyoku" will be included on Tamaki's debut album, also titled "Yasoukyoku." The album is expected to contain between 7 and 9 songs, and production is reportedly being handled by agehasprings, which has previously worked with artists such as Superfly, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, and Base Ball Bear.

"Byakuyakou" stars Maki Horikita and Kengo Kora. The movie opens in theaters on January 29.

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