Thursday, November 25, 2010

47th Golden Horse winners list

Ethan Ruan became the first Taiwanese actor in 11 years to clinch the coveted Best Leading Actor title at the 47th Golden Horse Awards.

Since Kog Jung-Xung's win in 1999, no Taiwanese has won till this year, when Ethan won for his role in Monga.

It was shock followed by calmness for the 28-year-old actor as his name was announced at the awards on Saturday.

Giving his girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu, a hug before going up on stage, Ethan thanked his family, Monga's director and producer as well as his pals as tears welled up in his eyes.

His calmness roused suspicions that he already knew the result before it was announced. When asked if he already knew about his win at a post-awards interview, Ethan quickly clarified that he was pretending to be calm and never thought he'd win.

Lu Li-ping outshined Sylvia Chang by just one vote to win the Best Leading Actress award for her role in City Monkey. The 50-year-old actress admitted during her speech that it was not easy being an actress, and thanked God for this honour.

47th Golden Horse winners list:
Best Feature Film:
When Love Comes

Best Director:
Chung Mong-Hong (The Fourth Portrait)

Best Leading Actor:
Ethan Ruan (Monga)

Best Leading Actress:
Lv Li-Ping (City Monkey)

Best Supporting Actor:
Peng-Fon Wu (Seven Days in Heaven)

Best Supporting Actress:
Lei Hao (The Fourth Portrait)

Best New Performer:
Chien-Na Lee (Juliets)

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