Monday, December 20, 2010

4minute first album "DIAMOND"

Girl group 4minute will be preparing for full-scale promotions in Japan for their first real album.

4minute's first album, entitled "DIAMOND," will be released on the 15th as part of the Korean girl group wave currently sweeping Japan. After releasing 3 singles this year in Japan, the girls will start major promotions throughout the country for the monumental event of their first album release. This is the first album the girls have put out in any country.

Hit songs like "Hot Issue," "HuH," and "Muzik" will be included in the 13-track album. "Muzik" and "I My Me Mine" will be in Japanese, increasing the specialness of the album.

On the 10th, a representative from Cube entertainment said, "Starting with 4minute's first album release, we will begin aggressive promotional activities. We have plans for domestic activities for the first half of the year as well."

4minute's concerts in Osaka and Tokyo recently attracted 4,000 attendees, with tickets sold out in record time.

The girls are currently working with in-house producer Shinsadong Tiger as part of their Korean/overseas simultaneous promotions to begin next year.

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