Sunday, December 12, 2010

News : "Gun Metal Grey"

TVB anniversary drama "Gun Metal Grey" aired its two hour finale last night. However, it was unlike "Can't Buy Me Love" and "No Regrets" which both received a large scale finale promotions. Since TVB did not do such a thing for "Gun Metal Grey", the cast decided to take money out of their pockets to hold a dinner in hopes to boost the rating. Felix Wong calmly said, "Since the company isn't doing it, we'll celebrate ourselves!"

Last night the cast and staff of "Gun Metal Grey" gathered at a hot pot restaurant in Jordan to watch Gun Metal Grey's 28th episode. Felix Wong and his wife, Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan and her foreigner boyfriend, Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Grace Wong, Oscar Leung, producer Terry Tong, and others all attended the dinner. Felix Wong, who was enraged earlier at TVB for giving Gun Metal Grey the cold shoulder, was asked if the finale was also treated the same. He said calmly, "I had already asked executive Tommy Leung. He said the Gun Metal Grey finale is not aired on Saturday or Sunday. The company doesn't have a rule that says there will be any additional events for finales aired on Fridays. I accept this answer; If the company doesn't want to celebrate, then we'll celebrate ourselves!" Michael Miu said, "Gun Metal Grey is cool enough so we invited everyone for dinner. I am not unhappy."

"Will Definitely Accept if Tim Gor Calls"

Felix Wong was asked whether he will continue to film series, he said, "I will consider if there is a good script, but it will definitely not be ancient series. (What if Li Tim Shing asks for you?) I will definitely accept of Tim Gor asks. There are four producers who I will definitely accept. Tim Gor had me film "The Lonely Hunter", which helped me greatly with my career. The other producers are Wong Tin Lam, Sang Siu, Wai Ka Fai."

"Adopts two dogs, netizens highly praise"

Felix Wong, who plays "evil police" Stone Sir, is actually very compassionate in reality. He recently adopted two dogs; an Old English Sheepdog and a pug. Netizens greatly praised Felix for doing so.

"Boyfriend doesn't mind Jessica Hsuan's kiss scenes"

Jessica Hsuan and her foreigner boyfriend showed up at the dinner holding hands. She said last time Felix paid the bill so this time everyone will contribute. She joked that she doesn't have cash and will have to use her credit card. When asked if she thinks TVB is biased, she said, "I'm not going to answer. (Did you predict that there will be no promotions?) This relies on you guys!" She and Michael Miu filmed kiss scenes for the series, but Jessica said her boyfriend did not watch as he was not home. Fortunately, he does not mind as it is solely for filming.

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