Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ariel new film 'Lovesick'

Good news for Ariel Lin's fans. 700 days since her last acting project, Ariel returns with a new film 'Lovesick', which began filming earlier this week. However, the Golden Bell Queen says she is very nervous and worried that her acting skills have turned rusty. Thus, on the first day of filming, she took a deep breath and hugged her mother and brother before leaving the house, to give herself some moral support. Ariel also expressed firmly that she does not believe in the Golden Bell curse.

The day before yesterday, Ariel took a break from filming and attended a Japanese tourism function, as one of the ambassadors. She revealed that her favourite rose is pink; and not red, because she feels that red is too strong and forceful. She also revealed her idea of romantic love; and that she hopes her other half will appear 'around the corner'.

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