Sunday, December 12, 2010

TVB Most Improved Actor : Raymond Wong Ho-Yin

Raymond Wong Ho-Yin attended to a car magazine awards ceremony yesterday. The winner of this year's "TVB Most Improved Actor" expressed he received more job opportunities after winning the award. But the happiest thing is that he is becoming a dad: "Many of my friends already agree to sponsor me infant formulas and diapers. I estimate I can save at least 6-digits!"

He expressed his wife is more than 4-months pregnant. Although he he does not want to disclose the baby's gender, but when he talks about the baby's English name, he exposed it will be a boy's name: "We thought of several Englih names. One of them is Kaydon." Reporters immediately congratulate him for having a baby boy. He said: "You can use this name with both genders!" He wants to have a son and daughter in general. He also hopes to see his wife's belly grows so he will not go to abroad for work at the moment.

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