Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cheryl Yang spokesperson for lingerie brand

Actress Cheryl Yang recently renewed her contract as spokesperson for lingerie brand, Mode Marie, earning a reported annual sum of TWD$5 million (approximately S$210,000).

The company, Mode Marie, claimed that ever since Cheryl took on the spokesperson's role for the Greater China region in 2008, lingerie the actress wore were sold out as soon as they hit the market.

On the set of the recent commercial shoot for the lingerie brand's newest line of bras, Cheryl exuded sexiness. In an attempt to break away from her usual image, the actress specially spent five days on the shoot. It took one day just to settle on her hairstyle for the shoot.

After the shoot, Cheryl quickly returned to her usual hair colour as she was still currently filming the drama, Zhong Wu Yen. The actress had no qualms about sacrificing her hair, quipping, "I really like having straight hair. I especially treasure this chance where I get to lengthen my hair."

Apart from Cheryl, other Taiwanese female celebrities who are spokespersons for lingerie brands include Joe Chen, Tammy Chen and Sonia Sui. However, none of them are as experienced as the actress. In a span of three years, she had shot about 10 lingerie commercials.

Cheryl's professionalism could be a reason for her being in high demand. She would personally model the lingerie no matter how cold the weather was. She also did not demand for crew to clear the set prior to the shoot. She expressed, "I did everything in lingerie commercials. It's a breakthrough."

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