Monday, December 06, 2010

Liza & Gods Universe's Longest Concert

The Liza & Gods Universe's Longest Concert kicked off last night and made lots of laugher in the venue. Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee and Louis Yuen first appeared in silver colored outfits to sing the theme song, then Liza was dress in 'flashy queen' to perform Attractive Pink Lady.

Both Wong Cho Lam's girlfriend (Leanne Li) and Johnson Lee's girlfriend (Bobo Wong) attended to the concert too. Leanne was like the female host, helping to welcome friends, and took photos with her boyfriend's fans. Last night the guest performers were Sammi Cheng, Felix Wong and Mag Lam. Sammi reveals that she will sing 2 songs, first group sing Believer Has Love and then a duet with Liza on Attractive Pink Lady. She said that she can definitely can get into the concert with everyone else and is not afraid of getting played by the Fuk Luk Sau. She can avoid them teasing her about her confessing her love relationship, but she can see the light, so nothing to worry about.

Wong Cho Lam expressed he feels like he's dreaming, he invited his guests through SMS and he was the one who had to invite Sammi. Yesterday it was the first time they met after she accepted his invitation, he felt like he was dreaming.

Also, the other guest Felix Wong was able to avoid the Fuk Luk Sau teasing him. Also, they made everyone vote Felix for TV King live at the scene. Cho Lam reveals that he will imitate William Chan's Taxi dance and ridicules Johnson Lee's imitation that he loves already married women. However, William generously sent them a flower basket in support, signed as "Taxi William" expressing that he does not mind.

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