Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gigi concert in Beijing this Christmas

Gigi Leung was spotted dating new boyfriend Matthew earlier. Yesterday he attended to an event and did not deny the relationship. She sweetly replied they are still at a stage of knowing each other. She hopes to handle it in low profile so she does not want to talk too much about it. She said Matthew is not used to being followed by reporters but knows she is an artiste.

Gigi is holding a concert in Beijing this Christmas. It is rumored her boyfriend to bring his mom to the concert? She said: "Many of my friends will come to Beijing to support me. We haven't meet each other's parents yet. It's still too early to say." Not a lonely Christmas this year? She said every year she is accompanied by friends so she is not lonely. She is busy rehearsing for the concert and has not prepared a gift for Matthew. It is said Matthew is acccpeted by Gigi's mom because he knows Mandarin? She avoided the topic and only said it is a necessity for work.

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