Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mr.Children's latest album "SENSE"

Mr.Children's latest album, "SENSE," sold nearly 502,000 copies in its first week to take the #1 spot on the charts. This is the band's 8th consecutive #1 album and 13th overall, though their last album was released almost two years ago. Mr.Children's last five original albums have become million-sellers, and "SENSE" is well on its way to becoming the sixth.

DREAMS COME TRUE entered the charts at #2. An album for the anime series "Bleach" debuted at #7, followed by new released from fripSide, YUKI, and Black Eyed Peas.

On the singles chart, it was no surprise that KinKi Kids were #1 with their new song, "Family ~ Hitotsu ni Naru Koto," which sold more than 165,000 copies. They now have reached a milestone of 30 number-one singles. Ever since their 11th single in 2001, they have been certified by Guinness as the world record holder of "most consecutive #1 singles beginning with a debut single."

Several other new singles made the top ten: Yuzu was #2, followed in order by J Soul Brothers, T.M.Revolution, SID, °C-ute, and D☆DATE (with their first single). Becky was two spots behind them at #9.

The DVD charts this week went to EXILE, whose "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2010 FANTASY" sold over 274,000 copies. This is their new personal record for first-week DVD sales, surpassing the 223,000 copies sold by their 2009 release "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2009 THE MONSTER."

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