Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New film "Let The Bullets Fly"

Invested nearly a billion HK dollars into the new film Let The Bullets Fly with Best Actor winners Chow Yun Fat, Jiang Wen and Ge Yao, the film is scheduled to release January 2011. Yesterday Chow Yun Fat started the first promotion in HK, attracting nearly 50 reporters to the event. Chow Yun Fat's wife and EEG's CEO Albert Yeung both attended as well. The press conference invited Carol Cheng to be the MC.

It has been 7 years since Chow Yun Fat seen Carol, so when they met, they embraced one another. Chow also praised that Carol looked younger than before, making her extremely happy. As the MC, Carol talked about the film with Chow, asking various questions about the shooting process. Chow said that the other two lead actors performed very well, so he had to be well-prepared, putting lots of effort into it. Carol asked if it was difficult to play two characters? He smiled: "They found a 'Guangzhou Chow Yun Fat' as my stunt double, he looked very similar to me from the back. I have never done two characters before, and even with different personalities. It was fun."

Also, Chow had always loved to watch TV series, when asked if he watched the No Regrets finale? He said: "Really good! (Who do you support for TV King and Queen?) Kent Cheng, enough weight. (How do you feel about Raymond Lam?) He looks like Evergreen Mak! TV Queen is between Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh. (How about just pick one?) No choice, then I choose Carol Cheng!" Chow's humorous responses made everyone laugh.

Besides series, Chow also read about Felix Wong's outburst at TVB. He laughed: "I didn't see him scold at TVB, I just praise TVB, won't scold." Besides him, Carol asked him if he'll go back to film a TVB series? He said: "If you do it then I will too! But I don't know if they will tell me to sign a 1 series per year contract? If so, then I don't know what to do." As for having good friend Chow's support, Kent Cheng said: "Thank you! It's impossible, he's not the judge, what use is that? If he was the judge then we're talking!"

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