Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2010 China Fashion Awards

At the recent 2010 China Fashion Awards, Li Yapeng, Chinese actor and husband of Faye Wong, announced his decision to let his acting career take a backseat and plans to focus on working behind the scenes instead.

He discussed his recent movie with Chinese actress Xu Jinglei, a movie continuation of the drama series, Cherish our Love Forever, and says that it will be his "last movie production" as an actor.

"I will not be filming anymore movies. I have been filming a movie each year for the past decade and have strictly followed this regime. I have already treated this as something of the past and I now have a new goal ahead of me. This is going to be my motivation towards working hard in that direction," he revealed.

When asked if he plans to fully focus on the Smile Angel Foundation, which is a Beijing-based foundation founded by Faye and him to help children born with clefts, he politely refuted the suggestion and said, "Faye will be working in front of the cameras while I'll work from behind the scenes."

Li shared that they are still in the midst of ironing out the final details for Faye and their daughter Dou Jingtong's (otherwise known as Tong Tong) first collaboration as voiceovers for the Chinese version of Mamma Mia!. The 39-year-old commented that "Tong Tong is showing signs of musical capability lately"and said he first heard her perform when they were at inner Mongolia for some charity work.

"Going by her tender age of 14 years old now, her voice quality is considered superior. As a form of hobby, we hope that it helps to enrich her life. It's still too early to tell if it she makes a career out of it in future," Li added.

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