Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Film "Let Bullets Fly"

EEG's film Let Bullets Fly was impressive in the Mainland box office. A few days after the film went on the big screen, the box office already surpassed 200 million yuan, leading to unlawful possession of the film. It's not until January 13, 2011 that the film will release in Hong Kong, but the film was already uploaded in parts on Youtube, such outrageous behavior.

Because Youtube can only play short clips, someone cut the film into 9 parts to upload it, making it widely available on the website. As the film's quality does not look bootlegged, the film company was puzzled on how that could be possible. The illegal behavior completely strangles the crew's creativity.

EEG is having a great headache on the illegal behavior, the spokesperson expressed that they already know about the issue: "Really outrageous, this action is a flat out violation. We have already transferred the issue to the legal affairs department and we do not rule out taking legal action. We also request the responsible website to delete the videos and stop the uploading."

EEG also admitted that it is hard to eliminate illegal uploading and can only notify all video-sharing webmasters to have better monitoring, hope everyone can obey the law. Asked if he is worried the box office will be affected? The spokesperson said: "I'm not too worried about this because after all this film is only fun to watch in the theaters."

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