Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maxim's Group 38th anniversary

Maxim's Group is celebrating their 38th anniversary, and donated HK$150,000 to the "Kelly Chen Children Education Fund". Yesterday Kelly attended the event and accepted the charity money, she said: "Maxim's have always been very concerned with my fund." Is the funding adequate? She admitted that because she guest starred in the film The Monkey King (大鬧天宮) where she was paid HK$1 million a day, the money was pushed into the fund. Based on estimation, does she feel she got a bigger pay check than Cecilia Cheung? She felt that it's not and does not know what the current market price is. Asked if she stood firmly a day to earn that million dollar pay check? She said: "Not calculated like that, normally it's calculated per film, perhaps the filmmakers knew that she was doing this for charity, so increased my pay check to HK$1 million per day. I was shooting daily, doesn't matter if I'm just an extra."

As the Big 4 labels has hope to settle the royalty issues with TVB? Kelly said that she has been waiting for this day: "The more I wait the more impatient I am. I thought it would be settled within 2 months, but then it ended up taking more than a year to settle." In the future, singers could possibly appear on other TV stations? She felt that it's pretty good. Can she go on ATV or iCable programs? She said: "TVB and I don't have a contract, I can go on other TV stations." She agreed that there will only be improvement with more competition.

EEG and East Asia bailed out of RTHK's awards, Kelly was surprised and asked why? She said: "Then there won't be anyone there, then it's empty, completely empty! Perhaps the TV ratings will be even higher, very interesting." The awards lose its meaning? She admitted that the meaning is lost, but can't help it. She pointed out that each station has always 'played' by their own set of rules. "The music industry is at its lowest point right now, so there shouldn't be so much politics, instead, the industry should be united."

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