Saturday, December 04, 2010

New movie from Jet Li.

Kungfu star Jet Li is preparing for his new movie project, a tai chi-themed film that may be directed by Feng Xiaogang, "Information Times" reports.

Li recently visited the old residence of renowned tai chi master Yang Luochan to learn more about the history of the ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements.

After Li starred as legendary tai chi originator Zhang Sanfeng in the movie "Tai Chi Master" ("Taiji Zhang Sanfeng") 17 years ago, he became very interested in this form of exercise and hoped to spread its concept around the world.

Huayi Brothers, one of China's largest film production companies, will invest in the movie. Director Feng Xiaogang, who last month signed a new contract with Huayi Brothers for five new film projects, could possibly direct the movie with Li.

Filming of the movie will begin in April. The movie is expected to hit cinemas around the Chinese New Year in 2012.

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