Saturday, December 04, 2010

News : A Pillow Case of Mystery II

his year Bobby Au Yeung spent 2/3 of his time in Mainland shooting series. Depending on his role in A Pillow Case of Mystery II, Bobby is competing for Best Actor award at the TVB Anniversary Awards. However, he is currently shooting Mainland series Female Constables with Charmaine Sheh in Jiangsu and cannot attend the awards ceremony. Bobby has a tight schedule on earning more money, this year he already filmed 3 series and is staying out of the awards. He said that he has no time to pull in votes for himself, and is losing out on the promotions, so he does not have high hopes for the award. To him, it is enough that the series gets good ratings and good word of mouth when it airs. As for the awards, Bobby recommends giving an award to all the artists in attendance, then everyone is happy.

Last year, Bobby's series Zhong Kui (鍾馗) had good feedback in Mainland, so this year a sequel Zhong Kui II (鍾馗II) was filmed. He said that when filming in Hengdian, he encountered a lot of HK artists Benny Chan, Roger Kwok and Sheren Tang were also working in Mainland. It was a lively atmosphere. Recently, he's been working on Female Constables with Charmaine and the series will broadcast next summer, so the clothing are light. During this time period, Jiangsu is very cold, Bobby has always been afraid of the cold, and filming for this series ends in January 2011, so he'll have to suffer in the cold for some time.

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